Dirty Chai

Dirty Chai (Espresso Chai)

"Dirty Chai" or Espresso Chai is a chai latte with 1-2 shots of espresso (depending on how strong you like your coffee). Dirty Chai is perfect for someone who hasn't quite jumped on the coffee bandwagon yet or wants to experiment with a stronger chai experience.


  • 3 teaspoons Vanilla Chai powder from Fredsted The
  • 2 shots of espresso
  • 300 ml skimmed and warmed whole milk (or your preferred milk variant)

Course of action

Brew 2 shots of espresso and stir it around with the chai powder so that the powder dissolves.

Heat and froth milk to 60-70 °C and stir it together with the espresso-chai mixture.

If you are not the greatest home barista and are making latte art, you can sift some chai powder on half of the drink for finishing.