Knitlidt has various business partners around the country, e.g. with Lang Yarns , Muud , Lana Grossa , Fredsted The , Eucalan , Garnfryd , Ulden , Hesselstrik , By Myr and Lyngsøe Keramik .

On Knitlidt's website you will also find recipes from Utaalmodigestrikstunder.

Muud, Garnfryd, Ulden and Hesselstrik all refer to Knitlidt's recipes, and you can see Knitlidt's exhibition models with them in their stores/webshops.

(Knitlidt's second visit to Ulden in Trianglen, Copenhagen)

Knitlidt has also collaborated with Fenjas Farver, Lux Garn, Maskemarkøren and Midnatsstrik. In addition, Knitlidt collaborates with a lot of skilled test knitters and translators who help to test and give feedback to patterns so that they improve.

All the other collaborations have made it possible for Knitlidt's recipes to have been knitted/tested in a lot of different yarns and are available in four different languages ​​(Danish, English, Norwegian and German - and soon Swedish!). The majority of Knitlidt's recipes include many different yarn suggestions in an attempt to make it easier for you to find just the right yarn to knit with.

See the selection of Knitlidt's recipes here :