About Knitlidt

Knitlidt is run by Camilla Grady, a 22-year-old student teacher, knitting and coffee enthusiast, who develops knitting patterns in her spare time . As a half-American and Dane with Faroese descent, Grady is a bit of a cultural cocktail, which her knitting characterized by. That is why she chose the name Knitlidt (knit a bit) as it is a mixture of her two mother tongues: English and Danish. Many of Knitlidt's knitting patterns are also inspired by the Faroese knitting culture. Knitlidt's pattern series Katrin is inspired by a classic Faroese diamond pattern.

Statements from the woman behind Knitlidt
"My knitting adventure is still relatively new. I have only been knitting since 2019. At that time I lived in the Faroe Islands for almost a year and a half, and I have since become part of the great knitting culture by being inspired by the many traditional Faroese knitting patterns. It hasn't been long since I founded Knitlidt , but I'm very excited about developing knitting patterns and excited to see where my knitting adventure will lead."

(Purple cardigan without pattern)

" There is a kind of freedom in developing knitting patterns yourself, as you are allowed to be creative, experiment and be inspired by what others have created before you. I am inspired by big and small knitting designers, people I know, and people I don't know. The downside of my no-pattern-on-the-feeling method is that I often try my hand at it, and it often ends up that I have to screw up 1, 2, or 5 times. But in the end something good will come out of it - something that I can be proud to have created. And imagine if someone can be inspired by this and knit something that I designed. It's a great feeling. "

(Image of Camilla Grady in 2020 knitting the pattern she would later call Katrin )

Knitting patterns
Knitlidt makes knitting patterns for all levels, with both patterns for beginners and experienced knitters. New patterns are constantly being developed. The most popular are Katrin Mittens (for experienced) and Novice Scarf (for beginners).

See Knitlidt's selection of knitting patterns here

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