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Ørting Knitwear

Bjarne Halsedissen

Bjarne Halsedissen

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Sizes: One size

Size circumference: Measures approx. 35 cm in the neck

Size width: Front and back measure (after washing and block): 36 cm

Size Length: Front and back measure (after washing and block): 12.5 cm

Guide sticks: Circular needle 5 mm wire 40 and 60 cm (and/or double pointed needles 5 mm)

Knit strength: Before washing and block: 20 stitches x 25 rows stocking stitch, on needles 5 mm = 10 x 10 cm

Materials: 100 g Drops Nepal (50g = 75m) Is at 1 out of 5 (beginner)

Size guide: Bjarne Halsedissen comes as a one-size model and is unisex. It can therefore be worn by anyone and knitted by anyone. The Bjarne Neckerchief is intended as a neckerchief with a minimal shoulder piece that does not take up too much space under the jacket. However, it can always be knitted longer if desired.

Wash and block: The Bjarne Halsedissen must be washed and blocked after you have finished knitting it. This ensures that the neckline gets the right measurements and that the stitches lie neatly. This also helps with the ribbing around the carrier so it can't roll up.

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