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Ludwig Halsedissen

Ludwig Halsedissen

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Sizes: 0-1 years (2-4 years) 5-8 years (young-adult)

Size circumference: Measures approx. 22 (25) 30 (36) cm in the neck (double rib fits tight, but is incredibly stretchable)

Size width: Front and back measure: 16 (20) 25 (35) cm

Size Length: Front and back measure: approx. 15 (18) 23 (33) cm excl. curved neckline. 19 (23) 32 (42) cm incl. curved neckline

Guide sticks: Circular needle 4 mm and double pointed needles 3.5 mm - wire 60 el. 80 cm and 40 cm.

Knit strength: After washing and block: 25 stitches x 35 rows stockinette stitch, on 4 mm needles = 10 x 10 cm

Materials: 50 (50) 100 (150)g Sunday from Sandnes (50g = 235m) or 50 (50) 100 (150)g Drops Flora (50g = 210m). Knit together with 25 (25) 50 (75)g Thin Silk Mohair from Sandnes (25g = 212 cm) or 25 (25) 50 (50)g Drops Kid Silk (25g = 210m)

The Ludwig Halsedissen comes in four sizes: 0-1 (2-4) 5-8 years (young-adult). The dimensions of the sizes can be seen on the front page. You can always knit the neckline longer or shorter than it says in the pattern. The Ludwig Halsedissen has a long fit with a tighter neck, as it is intended as a substitute for the sweater under the winter jacket or instead of a scarf. The good thing about home knitting is that you can always adapt it to suit you and your needs.

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