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Novice Scrunchie

Novice Scrunchie

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This pattern is in Danish.

The Novice Scrunchie (Novice Hair Elastic) is made especially for those with finer and thinner hair. The elastic keeps the hair well in place, as it also has an elastic inside. When knitting the Novice Scrunchie, you can choose to make the closure in three different ways. The closure, if you choose to make a knitted closure around the elastic, can make the pattern more difficult.

Sizes: One size

Suggested needles: Circular needle 3 mm (60 cm if you use the Magic-Loop technique ) and circular needle 2.5 mm (60 cm) or double pointed needles 3 mm, possibly pin 5 or 6 mm as an auxiliary pin for closing the hair elastic

Additional materials: Elastic

Knitting density: 36 stitches x 33 rows pattern knitting on needles 3 mm = 10 x 10 cm

Yarn suggestion: 22 g Lana Grossa Meilenweit Soja (100 g = approx. 400 m)

or 22 g Cash Sock from Gepard Garn (50 g = 208 m)

or 22 g Arwetta Classic from Filcolana (50 g = 210 m)

or 22 g Hesselgarn Yak Color Pop by Hesselstrik (100 g = 400 m)

or 22 g Hesselgarn Song by Hesselstrik (100 g = 400 m)

or 14 g Soft Organic Wool + Nettles from Onion Knit (50 g = 300 m) knit together with 8 g Lamb's wool from Knoll Yarns (50 g = 425 m)

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